PS-500 Double-Acting Spot Gun Back to top

Push one button to open electrodes wide, then push the other button to close electrodes and weld. Pro Spot's PS-500 Spot Gun System features electrode pressure over 600 Lb. with all extension arm sizes.

Extension Arms Back to topLearn more

  • single sided welding attachment

    Changing the arms on our weld guns is quick and easy.

  • PS-503 (optional) PS-305 PS-306 (optional) PS-403 (optional) PS-302 PS-52-5/8
    600mm U-Arm 508mm U-Arm C-Arm Deep (280mm) X-Adapter C-Arm Wheelhouse Arm
  • The comes standard with several different types of weld arm extensions (508mm U-Arm, C-Arm, Wheelhouse Arm) and others are available upon request, so that you can tackle any welding problem with as much ease and accuracy as possible.

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Single-Sided Welding Back to topLearn more

  • Single sided welding accessories

    The is capable of handling a variety of single-sided welding needs, including:
    washer, nut & bolt, nail, rivet and stitch.

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Front Panel Back to top

PR-2000 front panel and display screen

The PR-2000 features a clean ergonomic interface layout with the power switch and electrode pressure knobs all set in a convenient and straight forward manner and a large 4x6" monitor capable of displaying data and weld parameters.

  1. Electrode Pressure Gauge
  2. Electrode Pressure Control Knob
  3. 3 Phase Power Indication Lights
  4. Power Switch
  5. Display Screen

MIG Combination Back to topLearn more

The package can include a MIG welder as an option. It can also be installed later as an upgrade. This feature allows the convenience of STRSW and MIG welding in one unit.

MIG Features

  • 220V 1-phase ready to use
  • Binzel connector: quick-connect all-in-one adapter
  • Ideal for collision repair welding

Overhead Installation Back to top

The has an overhead installation option. With the overhead option, the welder hangs from a track system that can cover up to 14 bays.

Overhead Features

  • All the features of a portable welder. ( Optional MIG welder included. )
  • Convenient overhead mounting system.
  • No cables, air hoses or equipment on the floor.
  • Always connected, ready to weld.
  • Stores out of the way when not in use.
  • Moves easily around the shop.
  • Saves valuable shop floor space.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage:
  • 1 or 3 phase
  • 208 - 240v 50/60 hz
  • 400 - 420v 50/60 hz
Welding Amperage:
  • 11500A max (3-phase)
  • 6300A max (1-phase)
Cable Length: 8' (2.5m) standard
Electrode Pressure: 7 bars (90 PSI)-280 DaN (616 Lb)
Cooling System:
  • Air (2 fans), Compressed air
  • (weld gun and weld cables)
  • (inverter, transformer, welding gun)
Microprocessor: Compact Flashcard Software Platform
Protection: IP 21
Patents (3):
  • no. 5,239,155
  • no. 6,706,990
  • no. 6,539,770
Shipping Weight: 373lb (169kg)


  • Inverter Technology, 2000Hz.
  • Current Sensing Technology
  • Designed For New Advanced Steels: AHSS, HSS, T.R.I.P, BORON
  • Multiple Languages, Change On-The-Fly
  • 4 Cable System
  • 3-Phase Input
  • Double-Acting Spot Gun
  • Two Sided Spot Welding
  • Single Sided Welding
  • X-Gun Adaptive
  • Upgradable To Overhead Installation
  • Built-In MIG Welder Available (optional)
  • Intertek