PR-5D Riveting and Bonding Station

PR-5D Riveting and Bonding Station

The PR-5D Riveting and Bonding Station offers the perfect solution for demanding riveting work space environments. It not only organizes all of your tools and supplies into one convenient, lockable storage cabinet, it significantly increases your productivity through advanced engineering and technology.

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Multiple Storage OptionsBack to top

  • Secure Arm and Gun Storage

  • Die Kit and Rivet Organizer

  • Accessory Drawers for Bonding Materials, Adhesives, Dispersing Guns, etc.

  • Capable to Store 240mm Arms

PR-5D Riveting and Bonding Station Breakdown

PR-5D Riveting and Bonding Station

PR-5D Riveting SystemBack to top

  • The Pro Spot PR-5D Riveting System is designed to be the tool of today and tomorrow. The unique design allows for current attachments and adapters for various riveting applications. As the industry and repair demands change, the PR-5D design will allow future attachments to easily be added, making it the one-stop shop for rivet repair.

    • Self Piercing
    • Rivets (SPR)
    • Rivet Removal
    • Solid Rivets
    • Flow Form
    • Flattening
    • Pin & Collar
    • Blind Rivets
    • Calibrating
    • BOM Rivets

  • PR-5D Riveter
  • PR-5D Riveter


Work Station Dimensions:
  • 32" X 32" X 60"
    81.2cm X 81.2cm X 152.4cm
Part Number With PR-5D: PR-5D-RBS-A
Weight: (With PR-5D)
  • 275 lbs.
Part Number Without PR-5D:


  • PR-5D Rivet Gun System
  • PRR-CQ-55-85 Arm
  • PRR-CQ-120-80 Mid Size Arm
  • PR PA Blind Rivet Adapter
  • Die Kit
  • 2 Rechargeable 18V Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Mobile Workstation
  • 6 Heavy Duty Lockable Drawers with Foam Insert Storage Inlays
  • PR-5D Rivet Gun Tool Cradle to Securely Hold Rivet Gun
  • Charging Station with 2-110v and 4-USB Ports
  • 8” Digital WiFi Tablet with Interactive “Knowledge Center” for Training Videos and “How-To” Instructions
  • Sturdy Lockable Casters