VAC-U-PULL | Dent Pulling Tower

VAC-U-PULL | Dent Pulling Tower

Pro Spot's VAC-U-PULL Mobile Dent Pulling Tower is an innovative and powerful solution for fixing dents anywhere. This state-of-the-art tool is designed to make dent pulling easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before. The VAC-U-PULL is engineered to be lightweight and easy to move, making it an obvious choice for body shops.
One of the standout features of the VAC-U-PULL is its unique proprietary vacuum system, which creates a powerful airtight seal on the floor. This allows you to quickly and easily secure the tool to the floor without any need for hooks, straps, or anchors. Once it's secured in place, you can start using it to pull dents immediately, without any delay or setup time.
In addition to its fast and easy setup, the VAC-U-PULL is also incredibly effective at pulling dents. Its mobile dent pulling tower is designed to provide maximum pulling power, so you can fix even the most stubborn dents with ease. And due to its portability, any dents on side, front, or rear panels are within reach!
Overall, the VAC-U-PULL Mobile Dent Pulling Tower is a game-changing tool that is ideal for anyone who wants to fix dents quickly and efficiently. With its lightweight design, powerful vacuum system, and easy setup, it's a must-have for any automotive repair professional.

*Design is subject to change.

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Optional Extension Kit

VAC-U-Pull Extension

The Vac-U-Pull Extension Kit is a valuable enhancement for performing dent repairs on taller vehicles such as trucks and delivery vans. This extension enables you to work on taller dents, providing greater versatility in your dent-pulling capabilities. It includes an extra suction plate and anchoring strap, guaranteeing that you can maintain the necessary pulling force, even when working on taller dents. Installation is a breeze, and you can either leave it in place permanently or add it when necessary.


  Rev. B Rev. C
Dimensions 56.5"H* x 16"W x 28"D
*Working Height 54"
73"H* x19"W x 32"D
*Working Height 65"
Compatible with extension
kit VAC-EXT?

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