SP-5.3 | 3 Phase SMART Double Pulse MIG Welder CSA

SP-5.3 | 3 Phase SMART Double Pulse MIG Welder

The new Pro Spot SP-5.3 SMART Double Pulse MIG welder, is a 3 phase welder with microprocessor controls provide excellent welding performance on any materials and any thickness, regardless of weld time.

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  • 3 Phase MIG Welder

    Industrial strength and ready for heavy welding applications in the shop.

  • Auto Switching

    To switch welding different base metals, simply pick up the appropriate torch and pull the trigger, the microprocessor and weld programs do the rest.

  • Double Pulse

    Safely and confidently repair aluminum and steel with automatically controlled pulse welding.

  • MIG Welding

    Features three MIG welding torches and wire spools. Also includes preloaded weld programs and synergic curves for all common welding situations in automotive repair.

  • Multiple Welding Processes

    Accessing multiple applications is as simple as pressing a button and making your selection.

Auto SwitchingBack to top

  • Simply pick up the appropriate torch for the base metal you want to weld and pull the trigger — the SP-5.3 will automatically switch the weld program and synergic curve — no need to change wire spools or shielding gas.

  • Aluminum MIG Nozzle
  • Silicon-Bronze MIG Nozzle
  • Steel MIG Nozzle

MIG WeldingBack to top

  • SP-5.3 3 Wire Spools

    Preprogrammed synergic curves maintain optimal arc stability and weld quality.

  • SP-5.3 Open Side

  • With three wire spools dedicated to three separate torches, the SP-5.3 is capable of easily switching between Steel, Aluminum and Silicon Bronze welding materials. This gives the operator seamless transitions from material to material and increased work flow which leads to a faster cycle time.

Front Panel Back to top

SP-5.3 front panel and display screen

The SP-5.3 features a LCD screen and an easy to operate front panel that makes user experience straightforward with fast turn knobs and yellow buttons indicating functions on the machine.

1. Process Selection:
        - MIG/MAG Double Pulsed
        - MIG/MAG Pulsed
        - Root Welding
        - MIG/MAG Synergic
        - MIG/MAG Manual
        - TIG DC Lift
        - MMA
2. Large LCD Display
3. Navigation Key (Menu Setting)
4. Regulation Knobs
5. Power Knob
6. Save & Recall Parameters

Pulse MIG ComparisonBack to top

  • SP-5 Smart MIG

    • Single phase 208-240V 50-60Hz
    • 5 torches — 3 MIG, 1 TIG, 1 stick
    • 3 wire spools
    • 2 gas cylinders
  • SP-2 Smart MIG

    • Single phase 208-240V 50-60Hz
    • 2 torches — 2 MIG
    • 2 wire spools
    • 2 gas cylinders
  • SP-1 Pulse MIG

    • Single phase 208-240V 50-60Hz
    • 2 torches — 1 MIG, 1 stick (TIG Optional)
    • 1 wire spool
    • 1 gas cylinder

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage:
  • Three Phase
  • 220-400V 30A 50-60Hz
Amps / Volts, Min - Max:
  • MIG - 20A/15V - 350A/31.5V
  • MMA - 5A/20.2V - 270A/30.8V
  • TIG - 5A/10.2V - 350A/24V
Protection: IP 22
Insulation: H
System Weight: 137 lb. (62kg)


  • 3ph. Machine

  • Multiprocess CC/CV

  • MIG/MAG Double Pulse Function

  • Root Welding Function

  • Multiple Welding Processes

  • Auto Switching
  • USB Port For Upgrades, Parameter Saves and Diagnostics

  • LCD Display Provides Full Information To The Operator

  • 12A Minimum Welding Current
  • User Defined Memories

  • Multi-Torch System