Drill Sharpener

Drill Bit Sharpener PR1000

Why throw out dull, dirty and expensive drill bits? Why not make them like new again! Introducing the Pro Spot PR1000 Spot Weld Drill Re-Sharpener. The fastest, most economical drill bit sharpener on the market today. Sharpen drill bits to new condition in seconds and save thousands!

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How it Works

Step One   Step One   Step One   Step One  

Step 1

Match the drill bit to the collet that fits its diameter.


Step 2

Lock the collet and feed it into the holder.


Step 3

Turn on the sharpener and proceed to sharpen the drill bit.


Step 4

Next, sharpen the pilot bit. Press gently onto the sharpening wheel.


Drill Bit Sharpener Video

Technical Specifications

Drill Diameter:
  • 6.5mm-10.0mm
Point Angle: 180˚
Pilot Angle:
  • 110˚
Power Supply: 110V 50/60 Hz
Watt: 65W
R.P.M. of Motor: 3440
Grindstone: CBN #170
Weight: 17.6lb / 8kg
Overall Dimensions: 9"x9"x8.85" / 230x230x225mm