PS-DA5 | Drawn Arc Technology Made in the USA

PS-DA5 | Drawn Arc Technology

The Pro Spot PS-DA5 Drawn Arc Welder is the latest technology in precise dent pulling for aluminum repair. Using drawn arc technology, the PS-DA5 easily applies pulling keys and threaded studs​ so that various tools can be used​ to pull dents from aluminum panels that would otherwise need replacing.

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Drawn Arc Application

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  • SP-5 MIG Welds

    Learn how to repair aluminum using Drawn Arc Technology with the PS-DA5

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Equip an Aluminum Weld Station with the PS-DA5 to take advantage of the mobility and storage that the portable welding cart offers. Stay organized and on top of aluminum welding by having a space in the shop dedicated to serving your aluminum dent repair needs.


• PS-DA5 Drawn Arc Welder
• Stud Torch Adapter
• Key Torch Adapter
• Mobile Cart with Tool Board
• 110V & 220V Utility Panel
• High Quality Work Surface
• Storage Drawer
• Gas Bottle Bracket
• Accessory Kit

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage: 3ph. 208-240V 50/60Hz @ 40A
Welding Amperage: 250/300/400/500 A
Protection Degree: IP 21
Dimensions 28x18x18
Weight: 95lbs. (43kg)


  • Uses Drawn Arc Technology
  • Easily Applies Pulling Keys and Threaded Studs
  • Pro Pull Dent Pulling