PR-8D | Riveting System


Cold joining technology has reached the next level. The cordless PR-8D Rivet Gun System performs multi-function processes on heat-sensitive materials or multi-material stackups using brains & brawn. The intelligent on-board system allows users to configure the tool in hand or remotely using any supported device.


  • Set EXACT FORCE within the tool’s 20-80kN range
  • Data Logging For Capturing Quality Rivets
  • Set warning tones to alert of incorrect rivet set
  • Set safety measures
  • Wireless settings adjustments via Bluetooth

  • Applications:

  • Self Piercing Rivets (SPR)
  • Rivet Removal
  • Solid Rivets
  • Flow Form
  • Blind Rivets
  • Calibrating
  • BOM Rivets
  • Flattening
  • Pin & Collar
  • Locate a Distributor

    PR-8D Menu Screen

    • Statistics of the riveter:
      • t= Tool Hours in use
      • Q= Tool Energy Used
      • n= Tool Cycles performed

    • Display these parameters:
      • Battery Level
      • F: Current Force
      • Fn: Force Set-point

    • Displays the Current User / Recipe. Allows switching between 4 different Users, which have their own Force Value.

    • Displays recommended Service Milestone
      • # of Cycles Until Service
      • # of Days Until Service

    PR-8D Riveter Breakdown

    PR-8D Riveter

    PR-8D Punch and Dies

    • The PR-8D comes with dies that are used for Self-Piercing Rivets.

    • The PR-8D includes dies that can be used for Solid Rivets.

    • Get rid of unwanted rivets with the PR-8's Rivet Removal dies.

    • The PR-8D includes dies for flattening.

    PR-8D Rivet Gun Extensions Arms

    PR-8D Rivet Gun Extension Arms


  • Quick change design allows arms to be changed in seconds
  • Removable handle can be used on the left or right side
  • Self-centering feature keeps ram in-line<
  • 360° pivot action around the nose
  • Blind Rivet Adapter

    PR-8D Rivet Gun Blind Rivet Adapter

    The Blind Rivet Adapter seamlessly connects to the PR-8 Rivet Gun to allow users to quickly and easily install blind rivets. The Blind Rivet Adapter pivots in all directions making blind rivet installs in any position possible.


     • Adapts to rivet gun in 30 seconds
     • Pivots in any direction
     • Enclosed internal hydraulic system


    Force Range:
    • 20kN to 80kN, set digitally with 1kN resolution
    Travel Range: 43mm - Retracted distance to RAM end: 22.5mm
    - Extended Distance to RAM end: 20.5mm
    • Electro-Hydraulic Actuator
    • 18V Li-ion Battery Powered
    Charging Source:
    • AC 100V~240V 50-60Hz (Auto-Switching)
    Charging Time:
    • Approximately 2 Hours
    Working Temperature:
    • 14- 140°F (-10~40°C)
    Riveting Time:
    • 3-5 seconds
    Continuous Usage:
    • Approximately 250 cycles
    Operation Noise level:
    • 60-70dB
    Tool Weight:
    • 7.17kg (15.8lbs) with Standard 55mm Arm and Battery installed
    • Standard C-Clamp Arm, (2) Rechargeable Batteries, Battery Charger and Punch & Die Sets.
    Cycles Per Charge:
    • 200 Cycles (Varies by usage / force strength)
    Replacement Battery:
    • Makita part # BL1830