Weld Drill

Weld Drill

The Pro Spot Weld Drill is a tool that separates pieces of steel by drilling out spot welds while leaving one side intact. The weld drill comes with carbide drill bits that are safely used on today’s high-strength steels — including boron. A unique PVD coating increases the hardness to 3000 Vickers (HV) and operates at temperatures up to 1200 °F. They also have two blade geometry, rather than three, providing more material around the blades. This makes the blades much more resistant to impacts and vibrations while increasing their lifetime.

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PLT-50 tip sharpener in action
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Two-Stage Start

  • As the trigger handle is pushed on the drill, the bit moves forward to come in contact with the location to be drilled (Stage 1). Once the bit comes in contact with the metal, the bit starts spinning (Stage 2).
  • All this is done with the simple squeeze of the handle. This makes it extremely easy to line up because the bit is against the metal before the drill starts. The Two-Stage Start prolongs the life of the bits by eliminating the inward collision of the bit against the metal while spinning.