MWS-GTK | Glue Dent Pulling Station MWS-GTK

MWS-GTK | Glue Dent Pulling Station MWS-GTK

Introducing the Dent Repair Station with a revolutionary glue tab solution. Say goodbye to time-consuming welding or arc procedures, as the Pro Spot Glue Tab Dent Repair Kit revolutionizes the dent repair process, significantly reducing repair time.

Designed to work seamlessly on both Aluminum and Steel surfaces, including painted materials, this kit eliminates the need for grinding. With its wide array of pull accessories and reusable pull tabs, it caters to various dent types, ensuring versatility and convenience. Best of all, there's no need for panel removal, effectively eliminating the risks of backside corrosion, burn through, and welding. Experience a faster, more efficient dent repair process with the Pro Spot Glue Tab Dent Repair Kit. Streamline your workflow and achieve outstanding results without compromising on quality or safety.

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  • PRO-GTK Glue Tab Dent Repair Kit

    TThis kit works on Aluminum and Steel, directly on painted materials. No need to grind.



Fix major dents with no heat input. This is crucial when repairing new advanced, heat sensitive materials such as HS steel and aluminum. They demand new processes to repair these materials with little or no heat input and the Pro Spot Glue Tab Dent Repair Kit is the answer. It will help with your dent repair process by cutting repair time by avoiding welding or arc procedures.


Repair Without Damaging The Undercoat:Designed for the growing needs to repair new, advanced metals without damaging the undercoat.

Quickly Pull Dents: The Glue Kit allows users to quickly pull dents without having to grind the repair area.

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Glue Tabs are Applied In Four Easy Steps!

  • Step 1: Plug in the glue gun. This way it will be hot and ready when the area and tabs are prepared.

  • Step 2: Clean the are you are planning to repair with 91% alcohol.

  • Step 3: Heat the area you are repairing to remove excess moisture, no more than 100 degrees and the tab you are using to pull.

  • Step 4: Put glue on the tab you are going to pull and then apply it to the area you are repairing.

MWS-GTK-AL-ST Equipment and Accessories

  • Mobile Work Station G2
  • 110V Power Strip, 6-Outlet, 2-USB
  • PRO-GTK: Glue Tab Kit (110V)
  • SA-0032: AL Hammers, 3 Piece Set
  • 85-1277 7pc Steel Hammer & Dollie Set
  • PB-20: Pivot Puller
  • PRO-65: Pull Gun Assembly
  • PRO-GT3D: 3D Glue Tabs
  • PRO-GTFT: Universal Flat Glue Tabs (18PC kit)
  • Multiple mounting Accessories


Work Station Dimensions:
  • 32.8" W x 18.2" D x 39.8" H
Part Number: MWS-GTK
Weight: (With all equipment)
  • 275 lbs.
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