Extension Arms

  • single sided welding attachment

    Exchanging the arms on our weld guns is quick and easy.

  • PS-503 PS-305 PS-306 PS-403 PS-302 PS-52-5/8
    600mm U-Arm 508mm U-Arm C-Arm Deep X-Adapter C-Arm Wheelhouse Arm
  • Repairing modern cars requires a wide range of precise and sophisticated tools. That's why Pro Spot offers several different types of weld arm extensions to compliment all of our spot welders, so that you can tackle any welding problem with as much ease and accuracy possible.

Versatile Welding Arm Systems

  • HSW-100 V-Style Staple


    Spot welding of quarter panel using the C-Arm.

  • HSW-100 W-Style Staple


    For deeper needs use the Pro Spot extension U-Arms (508mm - 600mm). They are self aligning and quick to install.

  • HSW-100 S-Style Staple


    Welding with the Wheel House Arm makes it possible to weld the most difficult applications.

  • HSW-100 Z-Style Staple


    Welding in the rear window with the Wheel house Weld Arm.