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  • swivel head of the i5

    he Sp-1 Pulse MIG is idea for body shops welding stainless steel or aluminum. The SP-1 also comes equipped for TIG and MMA/stick welding.

  • rear of the i5

    The PR-111 Plasma Cutting System utilizes inverter technology with an internal compressor. The PR-111 is a portable, single-phase, microprocessor controlled plasma cutter equipped with a pneumatic cutting torch.

  • HSW-100 S-Style Staple

    The PR-5 Riveter is used for Self-Piercing, Flattening, and Rivet Removal. The PR-5 uses a non thermal joining process for aluminum. It is battery operated with a charging dock that can use 110V or 220V input voltage.

  • tool board on the side of the i5

    The Pro Spot Fume extractor is designed to remove harmful welding fumes in a variety of applications. Fumes are captured using a 6' Flame Retardant Flexible Hose.