PR-10 Troubleshooting Guide

Note: It is strongly recommended that only qualified technicians use these repair guidelines, ignoring to do so could result in a void of your warranty. This information is to be used as a guideline only, and cannot be guaranteed to solve your specific repair issue.

No Weld or Poor Weld

  • Welder power not turned ON. (Turn it on.)
  • Dirty gun tip or bad setup. (Replace tip. Clean tip or work piece.)
  • Failed trig switch inside gun. (Check continuity and replace if open loop.)
  • Broken trig wire betw gun & circuit board (twin-lead comm. cable). (Check continuity and replace if open loop.)
  • Tripped or bad/broken circuit breaker on welder. (Check for loose mechanical.)
  • Tripped or bad circuit breaker at house panel. (Check for loose mechanical & and confirm continuity.)
  • Loose power cable inside wall plug. (Clean & Tighten Clamping.)
  • Loose power cable at gun (or ground plate). (Clean & Tighten Clamping.)
  • Loose harness inside cabinet. (Inspect, smell and feel for looseness or burn.)
  • Bad circuit board or thyristor module. (Confirm 208v at thyristor. Send in for repair.)

No Cooling / Pump Problem

  • Check fuse(s).
  • Check for AC power in harness.
  • Confirm tight connections at circuit breaker.
  • Confirm flow in plumbing. OK coolant level in tank-bottle?
  • Check for leaks. (Pump is not repairable – mech or electr.)
  • Check for kinks in tubing.