i4 Troubleshooting Guide

The i4 shows no display screen & the phase lamps DO NOT illuminate.

  • Check that the wall and cabinet breakers are on.
  • Check house power level (all phases) at panel, breaker and outlet.
  • Check wires in plug and supply cable.
  • Check breaker and cassette terminal strip.
  • Check harness to PCB and 18VDC.
  • Check ribbon cable.

The i4 shows no display screen & the phase lamps DO illuminate.

  • Check that the display screen has power and the phase lamps are on.
  • Check accidental press of gun trigger.
  • Check software flash card insertion, version and integrity.
  • Check display brightness adjustment under the settings menu.

The i4 makes a weak weld.

  • Check gun setup: squeeze pressure, shank and arm, tip condition and alignment.
  • Check metal prep and condition as well as thickness.
  • Check Weld settings and Power profile.
  • Check supply voltage level for voltage drop.

Soft-start delay relay not functioning and no weld from either gun.

  • Confirm click on PCB during 5 second soft-start delay period.
  • Confirm AC Input voltage and Display.
  • Check for IGBT buss voltage on PCB indicator and system wiring.
  • Inspect and check Soft Start Resistor Board.
  • Jumper the relay harness (temporary) to attempt System fix. (May require cassette swap.)

Double-sided gun does not weld, single sided does.

  • Check gun cable connections and trigger (input) loop continuity (24vdc).
  • Check pressure & air flow to / through air lines. Disconnect lines at Cabinet & press triggers.
  • Check solenoid output integrity (24vdc).
  • Check two-way Gun Solenoid.

Weld error message issued & no weld from either gun.

  • Confirm supply voltage to welder. Bridge in high current section generates 300VDC for IGBTs.
  • Confirm IGBT buss voltage indicators. Soft Start is normally ok.
  • Confirm PCB 15VDC and IGBT driver integrity (inspect bottom).
  • Check stud diode array on weld transformer. This is a simple at-gun measurement.
  • Check IGBTs.

Pop sound reported in cabinet, no weld either gun & soft start relay ok.

  • Inspect systems to locate pop source following input voltage check.
  • Check for loose wiring connections, especially high current paths.
  • Check for problem with Softstart or IGBT systems.

Temperature error message issued or no air cooling.

  • Check sensor Display readout (100 C =failure / 30+/-ok) Also see ambient / outdoor temperature.
  • Check sensor input (25000 +/- ohms). (Sensor failure or temporary overheat will disable welder.)
  • Check 15VDC and PCB.
  • Check solenoid output and wiring.
  • Check 24VDC and PCB.

Cabinet circuit breaker trips.

  • Check breaker and high current wiring.
  • Check for loose or broken connection.
  • Check Softstart, bridge, IGBT and diode circuits.

Facility (wall) breaker trips.

  • Check outlet & plug.
  • Check cabinet breaker and high current wiring.