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  • "Open Arc" Technology

    The PR-30P Exocut™ uses "Open Arc" technology to start the plasma arc without even touching the workpiece. This technology allows cutting across open areas in the panel, such as a rusty floorboard containing air gaps, without having to restart the plasma arc. The PR-30P does NOT utilize HF (High Frequency) start because it can be harmful to the modern day vehicle's sensitive electronics.

Auto Switching Back to top

  • 110VAC-Adapter

    The PR-30P Exocut™ conveniently operates on either 220VAC or 110VAC.

  • 220VAC-Adapter

    Simply connect the appropriate adapter plug included with the system and you're ready to start cutting.

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  • Plasma Power

    The PR-30P Exocut™ can cut through a variety of materials including aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel and many more. The plasma arc will burn through any paint or coatings so there is no need to remove them.

  • The Drag Cutting Advantage

    Drag cutting allows for the torch to drag across the cutting surface. This results in a more stable, precise cut than other plasma cutters that require the torch to float above the surface.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage:
  • Single Phase
  • 240 VAC (Recommended)
  • 120VAC
  • 50/60Hz
Output Current: 15-30A
Duty Cycle @ 40° C (104° F):
  • 35%, 240V
  • 20%, 120V
Open Circuit Voltage: 256 VDC Isolated
Gas Supply: Clean, dry, oil-free air
Power Supply Type: Inverter - IGBT
Dimensions with Handles: 14" x 6.6" x 12"
Weight with Torch: 21.4lbs (9.7kg)
Certification: UL60974-1


  • Pro-30T Hand Torch
  • 15' Torch Cable
  • 15' Ground Clamp
  • 10' Power Cable
  • Regulator for Spot Weld Gouging
  • 240V & 120V Plug Adapters
  • Consumable Kit
  • Leather Gloves
  • Shade 5 Glasses
  • Shoulder Strap