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The PR-10 with an extension arm and straight electrodes installed labled single sided welding tips with touch screen interface

Pro Spot's patented extension arms are a step ahead of everyone else.

Available in three different sizes, they make it possible to reach difficult areas such as back panels and core supports. Just attach the arm length and tip required for the job, rotate the arm to reach the weld area, simply twist the arm into its "memory lock" position and begin welding.

X-Adapter Extension Arm Back to top

The PR-10 with X-Adapter Installed working on a wheel well The PR-10 with X-Adapter Installed

No assembly needed. No cables needed.

The current is transferred via a pivoting copper conductor which also allows for the build up of squeeze pressure. Welding with the C-X Adapter is easy, simply push one button to open electrodes wide & push the other button to close electrodes and weld.

Electrodes Back to top

The Pro Spot PR-10 comes with a variety of welding electrodes to accomodate any welding job.

All Pro Spot electrodes are made of class II copper/chromium alloy for longer life and better spot welding capability. PLT-100: Truck Bed Electrode Kit | PLT-11: Wheel house electrode, bent | PLT-11ST: Wheel house electrode - Straight | PLT-12: Wheel house electrode, bent | PLT-14: 3" Electrode, straight | PLT-18: 90 degree Electrode | PLT-24: Door skin tip (swivel) | PLT-25: S-bend electrode | PLT-25L: S-bend electrode, long

MIG Combination Back to topLearn more

The package can include a MIG welder as an option. It can also be installed later as an upgrade. This feature allows the convenience of STRSW and MIG welding in one unit.

MIG Features

  • 220V 1-phase ready to use
  • Binzel connector: quick-connect all-in-one adapter
  • Ideal for collision repair welding

Overhead Installation Back to top

The has an overhead installation option. With the overhead option, the welder hangs from a track system that can cover up to 14 bays.

Overhead Features

  • All the features of a portable welder. ( Optional MIG welder included. )
  • Convenient overhead mounting system.
  • No cables, air hoses or equipment on the floor.
  • Always connected, ready to weld.
  • Stores out of the way when not in use.
  • Moves easily around the shop.
  • Saves valuable shop floor space.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage: 208V, 230V, 380V, 415V 50/60 Hz
Open Circuit Voltage: 4.5V
Output Capacity: 45KvA
Welding amperage: 10,000A
Electrode pressure: 220 daN
Cooling System:
  • Water Cooled
  • (weld gun and weld cables)
  • (inverter, transformer, welding gun)
Duty Cycle: Continuous (50%)
Fuse Protection: 220V-50A, 400V-32A


  • Liquid cooled
  • Two sided spot welding
  • Weight balanced head
  • 10,000A at the electrodes
  • Automatic weld control
  • Adjustable weld height
  • 6mm weld nugget
  • Wide array of accessories and electrodes
  • Interchangeable arms
  • X-Gun adaptive
  • OEM approved