IH-5200 | Induction Heater

IH-5200 | Induction Heater

The IH-5200 Induction Heater features digitally controlled induction heating up to 5.2kW. The IH-5200 breaks down adhesives through indirect heating of steel and aluminum panels, detaching them easily and safely in seconds. It removes seized bolts, graphics, glass, realigns frame rails and much more. Safer and more precise than a torch, the IH-5200 saves the shop time and money.

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  • Button Activated

    Start heating materials with the simple press of a button.

  • Top Shelf Storage

    Extra storage located on top of the machine to provide a dedicated space for IH-5200 materials and consumables.

  • Hydro Cool Cooling System

    Improve duty cycle with the built-in water cooled system that constantly cools while you work.

  • Easy To Use

    The IH-5200 is digitally controlled making use easy for any user.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage
  • Single Phase
  • 208-240V
  • 50/60Hz
  • Output Power
  • 5.2kW
Adjustment Range 20% - 100%
Dimensions 24.5” x 31” x 41”
  • Weight
  • 353lbs (160kg)


  • Fast & Localized Heating
  • Digital Control
  • Water-Cooled Torch
  • Safety Shut-off
  • Adhesive/Decal Removal
  • Glass/Bonded Panel Removal
  • Easy Removal of Rusty Bolts/Linkage
  • Removal of Undercoating
  • Stress Relief